DO NOT send any ID by email. This is unsafe and we will not accept as proof of age.


Why do you need to verify my age for vaping products?

It is illegal to sell any vaping products that contain or can be used to deliver nicotine to all individuals under the age of 18. This includes all disposables including 0% nicotine. For this reason, anyone buying products from our Avalanche Vapes store MUST be 18 or over. 

Avalanche Vapes has a legal obiligation to verify the age of our customers. We recognise this may be an inconvenience for some, but we take the issue seriously and will do all we can to ensure only over 18s are able to purchase our products. 

Do I have to verify my age every time I order? 

No, as long as you use the same details, you won't be verified again. If your personal details change (name, address, email, phone) next time you order, 1Account might need to verify you again. 

How will you verify my age?

Using the 1Account tool. This will be a quick and easy step at checkout. Once verified, you won't have to do it again as long as you use the same account, email or login details. 

It is important to enter your details accurately. These should be the same contact details that is on your payment method. The shipping address can be different which this website accomodates.  

For more information about 1Account, see:

What happens to my order if the Age Verification fails or I don't fully complete it?

We will cancel your order with a full refund. When you go through checkout, the information you enter will be used to check your age. This is usually quick and you won't notice it happening.

If 1account can't verifiy your age, you might be asked to upload ID. Follow the instructions carefully. If you have to upload photos or selfies, make sure you have good lighting and you allow time for the verification to finish. 

How does verification work?

The 1account service pulls your personal info which you provided during checkout (e.g. name, address, DoB, telephone number) in order to run a background check to verify your age.

When paying for your order, we will request your full name, billing address and date of birth. This must be entered as it would appear on your drivers licence, electoral roll or used for a UK credit card. Your details are then checked against a number of databases. For most customers this will be a successful verification. If this step doesn't verify you, then you will be taken to the next step which will require more information and evidence. 

Can I purchase products for others

Our products are sold for your own sole use. It is also illegal to purchase our products on behalf of anyone under the age of 18. If we suspect that an individual is buying our product to give or sell on to those under 18, we will cancel the order.