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The Starter Pod kits are truly great vaping devices and a fantastic alternative to disposables. When purchasing a Starter Pod Kit you’ll get a device that offers a superb vaping experience right out of the box, and you’ll have no trouble getting the best possible performance out of the device even if you’ve never vaped before.

In this instruction manual, we’ll explain the most essential points that you need to know in order to get started with your device right away. We’ll also explain how to fix the problems that you might encounter.


We do recommend you read through the manual that comes with your kit, but also understand that you don’t want to read through pages of instructions. The device you bought is simple to use and we will give you some pointers here.  


Most of the pod kits include a charging cable and has a USB-C port on the bottom of the device. To charge the device, connect it to your computer, or phone charger (NOT a fast charger) using the included cable. The LED on the device turns red to indicate that the battery is charging. When the indicator turns green, the Kit is fully charged.


There are two types of Pods that you may come across; top fill and bottom fill.

Bottom fill – The benefits of a bottom fill is that it hides the filling port and gives the device a sleeker appearance – but when the pod’s filling port faces down, there is a likelihood of leaking. It won’t be enough to damage your kit, but it is wise to clean up the excess.  

Top fill – Similar to bottom fill, but they claim to minimise leakage, although it still can happen if a pod has been overfilled or it needs changing.   hole also means that you can fill the pod without removing it from the device.

To fill the pod, there may be a bung that needs pulling out first. Then fill with the juice of your choice. Others require you to remove the mouthpiece and fill. NEVER fill the central hole which is connected directly to the coil. Filling this will cause gurgling and excess juice when vaping.


Pods are mostly self contained units so just remove the pod and replace with a new one. Fill your new pod and leave for 15 minutes before vaping. This is essential to avoid the coil burning inside. If this happens you will know from the foul burning taste. If this happens you will have to throw away the pod and replace.


After you’ve been using the pod for a while, you’ll begin to notice a change in flavour and a decrease in vapour production that affects the quality of your vaping experience in a negative way. This is the time to replace the pod.  Our recommendation is about a week or once you have used up 2 x 10ml of liquid (about 6000 puffs).

How often you change it depends on how often and how hard you puff on it. Also, some liquids can degrade the coil quicker. We recommend 50/50 liquids and salts to prolong the life of the pod.


The starter pod kits are mostly draw activated mouth to lung (mtl). This means you activating by taking a draw into your mouth then inhaling. Some pod kits also have a button you can press as you take a draw. This is usually optional.


Every new vaping device has a bit of a learning curve – and if this is your first vaping device you might even encounter some unexpected problems. We’re former smokers ourselves, and we know how to go through the adjustment period in transitioning from smoking to vaping, or even moving from disposables to kits. Use these steps to fix the problems that you might encounter.


Pod kits receive power from a device conforming to the standard USB power specifications. In other words, the best way to charge IS via your computer USB port. You should NEVER use a fast charger as this will cause overheating. Some phone chargers that are not fast charging may be ok. If nothing happens when you connect the charging cable, try a different cable and different charging points. A computer usb is usually the best method.


Pod kits have a power-off function that helps to prevent the device from firing accidentally when you carry it in your pocket. If nothing happens when you try to vape, you should first try pressing the fire button five times quickly to turn the device on. If nothing happens, charge the battery. If still isn’t hitting, watch the LED indicator; it should blink to tell you what the problem is.

  • If the light blinks three times, there is a problem with the battery. Make sure that the device is fully charged. Check the USB port on the bottom of the device for dust or lint that could prevent the device from receiving a strong charge. Remove contaminants with a toothpick.
  • If the light blinks five times, there is a problem with the pod; either the resistance if the atomizer coil is incorrect, or isn’t detecting the pod at all. Check under the pod for condensation that could prevent the pod from making a good connection with the device. If you see moisture, remove it with a paper towel or cotton swab. If the device is dry, try using a different pod.


It’s possible for the pod to leak, and that may happen if you use too much air pressure when puffing on the device. When you puff too firmly, the air pressure forces e-liquid to enter the pod’s centre air channel, causing a gurgling sound. Once excess e-liquid enters the pod’s air channel, it’s going to exit the pod in one of two ways: by spitting into your mouth or by leaking out of the pod’s bottom air vent. To prevent your Pod kit from gurgling or leaking, you should always use light air pressure when vaping.